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New Pads needed


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Morning all

so, we’ve developed a metallic scraping sounds coming from the near side front wheel which I can only conclude is the wear sensor of the. Take pad (given the noise goes when braking)


where can I get pads for a JL? All sites I’m finding are either American or super expensive



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There must be somewhere in the UK that supplies them.
Me, I always go for the best and known brands and never buy them from auction sites as there are a lot of fakes around.
Sorry as I can't help you with advice on your JL


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RockAuto would be my first port of call. 

JOC discount.


also, Moparpartsonline another US based company that delivers in about 48 hours 

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Thank you all for the advice. May very well go for rockauto. 

I’ve changed pads on cars in the past but not for a long time now. Any specialist tools needed for the JL I should have before starting?



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So, ordered some PowerStop Z23 pads from RockAuto, hoping to get them here for mid next week. 


My next question is. Id like to attempt to do this myself but I dont have the tools required to change but would like to learn for future purposes. Ive changed pads on an old Fiat hatchback many yeas ago but that was with my dad. Dont suppose theres a mechnically minded member somewhere in the midlands who'd like to empart some wisdom in return for beer? 


Thanks again, 

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You don't need many tools to change brake pads.


A bottle jack - In your Jeep

A tool to remove and tighten wheel nuts - In your Jeep

An axle stand or two

Some sockets and spanners from a basic toolkit. I don't know the JL but guessing at 10mm, 13mm and 14mm.

A 'G' clamp big enough to go over the caliper

Long nose pliers are handy for pulling spring clips

A wire brush

If the calipers are pretty, firm rubber or wood pads to go between the caliper and G clamp



Dismantling lubricant spray - can

Brake cleaner spray - can

Copperease grease for fastener and wheel reassembly - tub

High temperature slide pin grease - usually in sachets or tube

A general purpose threadlock liquid although not always necessary - tube, stick, bottle

Plenty of rags or paper towels


Safety kit:

Latex gloves and or Mechanics gloves

Face mask - don't bin them just yet.

Eye protection is useful when wire brushing

FastOrange hand cleaner or something similar


Other parts that may be needed on a JL if not reusable:

Anti rattle shims or spring clips

Slide pins and boots


Work Area:

Firm, level ground to safely jack the Jeep up on

On soft ground or gravel, some sort of pressure plate strong enough to take the weight of the Jeep should be used on the ground under the jack and axle stands


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I am likely to be on the M6/A14 next week. I don't know what day yet, the time of day, or if I will have time to help you. It would be better for someone local to offer assistance, message me here if no one else steps up.

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