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Received my Mopar JL Slush Mats


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Anyone buy Mopar slush mats for their JL?


I have to say, not the fault of Jeep UK. I put it down to purchasing in Auburn Hills.  I was absolutely shocked at the poor quality. These things are wafer thin! My JK ones are proper beef and have served well for 8 years. 


Other than a nice red Jeep logo and the new drain plug feature these things should be priced at £50.


Going to look at options from other suppliers like weather tech and report back when I can.



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Hi Jim, Good to see your post, I hope you are doing well. 

Obviously I have no experience of the JL slush mats but I thought perhaps I could pitch in a little re floor mats.  Maybe someone should consider taking up manufacture!

I bought some 'original equipment spec' rubber mats (not cheap) for my WK recently. Decent rubber but they didn't fit properly and really didn't do the job. They were exactly the same size as my original Jeep carpet ones which are 2" too small and barely cover the footwell! I had previously had 'universal, trim yourself ' rubber mats covering the carpet ones which were much cheaper and  although not so aesthetic did the job better.

Next I have tried and tried to buy some floor liners for the YJ but it seems no one makes any that are RHD or indeed, for other older models. I have had to make some .They are ok but not as water retentive as the proper jobs.

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