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The latest Trailhawk adventure - the rain-swept Yorkshire dales


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...have never really done the lanes of the Dales, so with a couple of days off work and a strange desire to go on a solo camp'n'drive (I guess this is could be something to do mindfulness if I knew what that was) off I went.

It rained, it got dark early and t'wind nearly ripped my tent pegs out but the lanes were long and brilliant and probably had some amazing views behind the layers of cloud and mist! 

Bi-eke, it were grand 😀.

Hope you like the vid...




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16 minutes ago, UKTJ said:

Nice video, crazy looking tent.

Thanks UKTJ.

The tent is indeed quite crazy...its from a German company called 'Heimplanet' - inflates in a minute or so with very little effort and 'voila' (or whatever the German is for 'voila') - its all set up complete with inner tent and groundsheet. And stood up to a pretty good Yorkshire battering too :-). A perfect car-camping companion IMHO.


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