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Wrangler TJ fuel problem

Tom Henton

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With all the petrol problems recently I ran my jeep really low, my fault. 
im now not getting any fuel through. Am I right in thinking the fuel filter is part of the fuel pump?? 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 



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It is part of the fuel pump, but it's not like the older cartridge filters on the older models, it is more of just a screen to stop big debris. I think there were replacement parts before FIAT took over but I'm not sure now. Probably easier to replace the entire fuel pump.


And your TJ was running on E10 fuel before the fuel shortage? If so, the petrol tank was left empty for a period of time with the pump not submerged in fuel. The pump was left in an air space with a residual coating of E10. Is your fuel pump noisier now than in the summer this year?

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