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New Owner - WK2 Summit!


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Hi all!

After three years in Alfa Romeo Giulias (A 2018 Speciale and a 2019 Veloce) the time was right for a change and a bigger, more practical car with a little snow capability was ideal. I've always liked the GCs and after the previous two I "bought" fell over (one had extensive crash damage, the other extensive mechanical issues...) I'm 95% of the way there on a 2016 Summit. The Jeep master tech at Bedford Motorvogue is giving the car its once over this Thursday.

It would be great to get some advice for a new owner! I know the Giulia inside out along with all of its quirks and user-tricks. I'm looking forwards to reaching that point on another car.

Some areas I'm especially interested to learn about are;

- Recommended maintenance
- Reliably squeezing more power out of the 3.0 diesel (already got the K&N and Redex on standby, and I have a TDI Tuning CRTD4 ready to be re-flashed, although I would have thought Celtic have some familiarity with this engine and gearbox?)
- Getting the most out of the UConnect system

Thanks in advance!

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spookie the aardvark

Hi Kyle and a very warm welcome to the club 👋👍

Can't help you with your questions as I drive an older GC 🥴 but ther are plenty of "big brains" on here who will always try to help

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Hi, from my experience with the WK2, 


I suggest specifically asking motor vogue to check the all the software updates are up to date I had a recall recently which related to 2 software updates. Also, one of the updates solved the start button problem. 

Incase your not aware if the start button ( mine did ) plays up, you can just flick the button out and out the key in. Mine always started like that. 

Also remind who ever is doing your service not to forget the transfer box fluid changes, mine had supposedly had a full service when I brought it, and transfer box should have been done according to schedule. I checked mine along with the diffs and the oils looked like they had been in since day 1. 

if your after toys so to speak Animal Off road are very good for the WK2 but it works out expensive importing from Aus, but the customer service is great and the gear is excellent quality. 


hope some use at least. Enjoy. 

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