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Offside Front Inner Steering linkage ball joint


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According to my last MOT Offside Front Inner Steering linkage ball joint has slight play.  Not being a mechanic I have no idea what this means and would be grateful if someone could explain and also post a link to the part.  Can you replace just the offside faulty one or is it best to replace both at the same time?  Many thanks.

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Front inner £19.45

Front left outer. This is LHD, check if same part for RHD £25.34

Front right outer. As above. £24.68


You can repair just one side, but the side that you don't repair is likely to be in the same state soon.


The inner tie rod connects to the steering rack. There are two tie rods. one on the left, one on the right.

The outers connect the tie rod to the movable steering knuckle that your brake caliper is bolted to.

On a lot of vehicles they are identical left and right but this model appears to have different shape ends. You need to take the front wheels off and visually check similarity if ordering these from RockAuto. Otherwise order the outer in the UK from a a dealer.

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We also need to replace rear shock absorbers as rear nearside one has a slight leak.  I cannot afford to have both done at the same time, however it is a case of prioritising which is best to change first.  Which do you suggest?  Thanks.

I cannot do the work myself so it will need to be done by a garage.

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