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Replacing XJ engine bay brake pipes


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Has anyone here replaced the hard line brake pipework in an XJ engine bay? I am removing the last of my redundant ABS components and replacing 28 year old hydraulics on my '93 with brand new parts designed for a 2001. I have been absorbed with the engineering side creating new bracketry for a Wilwood balance valve and my LPG vapouriser that I forgot to spend enough time examining the Jeep pipework I had to replace.


The brake hardlines were probably the first thing installed by the factory after painting the shell which means they are buried under everything. I need to replace a complex section running along the bulkhead but it is concealed by my wiring loom which I know from previous jobs on the engine, doesn't move easily.


Can this job be done with the engine installed?

From the look of it, to replace the pipework I have to remove:

  • My LPG system
  • All of the factory loom running across the bulkhead
  • Brake booster and master cylinder (replacing both anyway)
  • ABS pump and controller (for the bin)
  • Carbon canister
  • Throttle cables
  • Vacuum hoses


With the engine out I have good access to the bulkhead and can make and fit the new brake lines easily but I can't do this until after a house move. I am thinking about making the entire engine bay brake plumbing in braided Teflon hose leaving the original lines in place to support them as I need to get an MoT.


With the engine in, I thought about removing the hood and making a timber scaffold frame to bridge the engine compartment so that I can sit on or lie on it to get access.


With loom disconnections does this become a dashboard out job too?


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I will search and see. He had the engine out which makes it a lot easier for access to the bulkhead as you can stand in the engine bay.


The more I think about it, a work deck over the engine that I can sit on and lie flat on will make it easier to reach the bulkhead. It is back breaking leaning over on a step ladder. If I make the work deck height adjustable I can use it on the other XJ. If it is on locking castors I can move it easily when needed. If it is bolted together I can take it apart to stash in a shed.

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