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Pete Britton

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Pete Britton

Hi All,

New to the group, after some advice please. Would anyone know why stop/Start isn’t working, sure it will be something simple that I’m not doing. Thanks in advance. 


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Some stop/start systems can be disabled by programming the car's engine management computer, others need a gizmo adapter fitted.


The car can disable stop/start itself under certain conditions like:

  • It's a hot day and AirCon is on.
  • It's a cold day and AirCon is on to demist the windscreen.
  • The battery charge state is low.
  • The car has already recorded too many stop/starts in a short time frame so is preserving the battery to avoid a deep discharge.
  • OBD is logging engine start related trouble codes (DTCs).
  • Not fully depressing the brake pedal to come to a stop.
  • Keeping left foot on accelerator pedal just enough to prevent stop/start.
  • Electric handbrake malfunction
  • On a hill

There are probably more, but it's not something I'm interested in.

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Some more I forgot...

  • Engine not at operating temperature
  • Engine too hot, over normal operating temperature
  • Engine just started in Park with handbrake engaged, won't activate until moving
  • Vehicle motion has come to a stop, Stop/Start triggered shut off engine. Driver selects Park, engages handbrake presses engine start button.
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Hi Pete,

It’s a common problem on KL series Cherokee’s. 

The stop start function is hard on batteries.

As the battery ages or doesn’t fully charge it won’t reach the level of charge for the stop start to work. Off the top of my head it needs 14 volts to keep all systems happy.

The KL Cherokee’s are very sensitive to battery health and throw all sorts of gremlins as the battery deteriorates. 

You will probably need a good quality replacement battery.

The stop start can be disabled using Alfa OBD program and an OBD11 plug in.

I use the easy way and just turn it off when I start my jeep.

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