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Another FSJ in the UK


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Hi guys, my name is Eric, and I have owned a 1975 SJ Cherokee for about 3 years, bought in Iceland where I worked for a bit , a bit of a love at first sight moment, but by no means my first restoration project.

She’s called Christine after the Stephen King movie, largely because she’s red, with a totally rotten bodywork, and has a nice sounding V8. She’s lived in Iceland most of her life and it’s taken its toll, but I’ve now finally got her back in the UK where the restoration will begin. It will be a frame off job, as the body needs an awful lot of new metal. First order of business is getting the NOVA paperwork sorted and the people at HMRC want an independent valuation, and I’m wondering if anyone in this club does this. The officials have obviously been looking online at the values of restored FSJ in the US and think that I’ve undervalued mine…

Here’s a picture of the beast in it’s natural environment. 




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Rick Kiesel

Wow I'm impressed sir, nice find! 

Which V8 is it? The 360 or the monster 401?

Unfortunately I can't help out regarding the paperwork, other people here should be able to at least point you in the right direction for completing the import. But the fact you found it in Iceland too, that place is like distant planet, it's absolutely incredible up there. Would you mind posting some more picks or starting a new thread on its rebuild. It's a great project!



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Hi all,


Thanks for your kind words. It’s the 360 AMG engine, though the seller at the time wanted me to believe it was the 401. A look at the Vin and some stuff at the front of the engine told me otherwise.

I did take it for nice drives around the Reykjanes peninsula where I lived but it was never reliable enough for me to do anything too strenuous with it. I’ll certainly try to post more pics. All the best!

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