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B6B882AE-83A8-48D7-9B51-41DDC9A51D88.thumb.png.bec41fb5224c92b6e923138e26902b1d.pngHi all I’m Neil

New to Jeeps and the club, with my days of motorcycling over I needed a new direction and so here I am. 
The owner of a Wrangler TJ40s 65th Anniversary took a long time to find one unmolested.

However Im having trouble finding some aftermarket parts The most important on my list are a set of seat runner extensions, as I’m 6’6” tall. I have seen them on web sites and in pictures on the web but no uk Supplers have them and the U.S Supplers I contacted so far don’t have them in stock or seem unwilling to post to the Uk 🇬🇧 any ideas would be great 





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spookie the aardvark

Hi Neil and a very warm welcome to the club 👍👋


27 minutes ago, Valkman said:

Yep, they let me order them on there web site and without telling they cancelled the order.

im still waiting for a why !,,

You might find that Quadratec have a minimum price before they will ship to the uk, might be £135.00 but don't quote me as I could be wrong. Think it has something to do with the way VAT is collected after Brexit. That could be the issue but the bigger brains on here will be better for answering your question.

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Welcome aboard!

Just an idea that might help if you haven't considered it.

I have a Yj wrangler which is just an earlier model. Many things are the same as the TJ. I am quite tall and when I first had the car I wanted to move the seat back more. As it was , I became used to it and never bothered with this idea.  On mine the seat  bottom bracket is just a flat strip  which is longer than the gap between the floor bolts. It looks simple to just redrill this bracket because it projects forward of the front bolt. this would give another inch or so. If that's not enough then a piece of say 5mm flat strip could be fitted to the floor on which the seat was fixed further back,  using ,say button head bolts.

I make a lot of things because I often find that manufacturers make things more complicated than necessary, usually in their best interest!

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Are the seats on a TJ the same as those on an XJ Cherokee? I cannot say for sure but I always found that the XJ has more front legroom than a TJ, but as usually happens, I could be wrong.

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WJ seats have been fitted into XJs before, but I am not sure about XJ seats going into TJs. I think the majority of British XJ seats would have electric adjustments.


Aftermarket seat manufacturers like Corbeau have seats that will fit multiple Jeep models, but they each have vehicle specific manual adjustment brackets to go under them.


The stock TJ seat is an amazing piece of kit as it both tilt and slides forward to enable rear seat passengers to have a little more footwell to get in and out from. It does this without affecting the forward/aft adjustment set by the seat occupant. The aftermarket bases don't do this, you have to readjust your seat position if the seat is manually slid forward for rear seat entry and exit.


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Yes, but will probably remove the back seat so no problem there, and I need 2 to 3 inches more leg room having done a 31/2 hour drive today my legs were cramping up after 2 hours had stop and walk about.

those 2 or 3 inches will make all the difference.

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