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US EPA on a mission to destroy US car culture


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For decades the US Clean Air Act has prohibited vehicle modifications that that effect the emission control system or the elements of it's design but it has been down to individual states to enforce. Some states like California enforce it, others like Michigan don't. The EPA's latest interpretation means that just about any vehicle modification will be illegal.

At the moment the EPA are going after companies that manufacture performance parts and companies that fit them. Now you don't have to be an owner of an American vehicle to suffer the consequences of the destruction of the largest market on earth for performance parts. Taken to extremes, this could mean the end of non-genuine replacement parts globally. It depends on how far the idiot politicians choose to take it.

Motortrend article on EPA's new intepretation

SEMA (Special Equipment Manufacturers Association) RPM Act - Trying to keep an industry alive

Magnaflow settles with EPA

Flowmaster fined $270K

Diesel Brothers fined $850K

EPA fines manufacturers

Derive Systems fined $300K

A summary from a Subaru guy


Some countries have already outlawed tyre sizes that are not on the vehicle's type approval. Tyres being considered part of the overall emissions design and soon the focus of tyre wear pollution controls.


The most obscene recent government crackdown on car culture was two years ago when India banned all vehicle mods including go faster stripes and paint colour changes.

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Unfortunately the whole world has gone crazy. governments will always look to persecute the easiest target, and that's always going to be the motorist. We do not have the money that large industry does to fight these silly changes. The motorist will always have to bend over to comply with stricter Environmental controls whilst heavy industry does as it wishes. Sad state of affairs. 

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