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Replacing an 730N RHW head unit with and aftermarket unit


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Hi, I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, WK2 3.0CRD limited, which has the 730N RHW head unit installed. Along with this, it has the steering wheel controls, and the boot Base speaker. I know this was also installed in many other Jeeps of the period.

I now want to upgrade to an aftermarket Android unit which has the standard ISO input, plus inputs for buttons, camera etc.

I have seen on some American Jeep sites, that it has been done, but the extra components that they use, are not readily available in the UK.

Has anyone actually done this, replacing the 730N. The reason I specify this specific radio, is the connections into the back seem to differ from the generally found pinouts on the majority of the web. On WK2Jeeps.com, [url]http://www.wk2jeeps.com/audio/2012_WK_audio_wiring.pdf[/url] it shows two for the pin outs, and my Jeep uses the Radio C1, C2 & C3 connection pinouts.

I have asked a couple of car audio places, but they seem to be pointing me to totally the wrong harnesses. Firstly, I know I will need a CanBus decoder to get the steering wheel controls to work, and turn on the rear base speaker. The biggest problem, is it has 2x22pin connectors, and the speakers are spread across both of them, whereas most of the leads I can find only seem to connect to one of them.

If you have done this, what harness/components did you order please.

I have taken pictures of the connectors, and can post them up, if they help.

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Well, I spent goodness only knows how many days downloading wiring diagrams, talking to car audio companies, and being given conflicting information, but I am now a very happy bunny. My wife bought me an Atoto S8 Ultra head unit for Christmas, and after spending quite a bit more on converters, and adaptors, coupled with a lot of shaping and fettling, I now have an Android head unit in my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which has up to date maps.





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