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Jeep Owners Club Code of Conduct


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Please read the following before posting :


Jeep Owners Club has been set up to cater a mature and friendly style of discussion.


Please consider this a place where you can start a discussion on any aspect of your Jeep experience (both good and bad), safe in the knowledge that responses will be thoughtful and considered.  There are no arguments, and no bickering.


To ensure this stays the case, members should bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • All language should be ‘family-friendly’

  • As much as possible, use correct spelling and grammar.  Posts consisting entirely of 'txt-speak' will be deleted.

  • Rudeness, disrespect, baiting, trolling, antagonistic or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Commercial content of any form is not permitted without prior permission. Commercial posters must obtain permission from the Administrator before registering.

  • Threads very often wander from the original topic as part of the natural progression of discussion.  However, please try not to interrupt an existing topic - instead, start a new thread in the relevant section.

  • Do not post items for sale/wanted in the forum - use the classified sections instead.

  • Please post photo’s for write-up in your own Jeep Owners Club album in the gallery here Media or attach to your post (up to 10images per post) this ensures that we don’t end up with posts with broken links to image hosting sites when an account is removed deleted or their server is down.

  • When posting topic’s don’t simply just post a one line redirects to other sites. This just ruins the flow of discussion.

  • Do not post content that you are not comfortable publishing in the public domain, and do not post content that violates copyright or other laws.

  • Always be welcoming towards new members, and offer assistance to others just as much as you request it.

  • When participating in an event, members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on Jeep Owners Club.

  • Please seek admin approval for posting other club events first.

In short Jeep Owners club has been created as a fun but mature place for like minded individuals, to keep this the case consider what you are posting, light hearted banter is acceptable so long as it does not get out of hand and offensive !


In all cases, the decisions of the Administrator/Moderators are final.

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