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Dear Club Members,


The senior team hopes that you and yours are keeping healthy and safe.


As we continue to navigate these uncharted waters, we are keeping an eye on when we will be able to make a break and resume our outdoor Jeep activities. We want to thank our club supporters who are standing by us during this unforeseen challenge and remind you to make them a first port of call should you need any of their products or services. Also, thank you to those that wrote in support of GLASS' efforts with Wayfarer. Let's make sure there are still Green Lanes to drive when this is over. 


The club continues to follow government guidelines and our hope is that given the nature, size, and social distancing that is inherent to our events that we will be able to enjoy some this calendar year.


Our biggest event like everything else is on hold until we get clear direction on government guidelines. For now and given the situation, our Summer Camp would likely be a more condensed version of a normal one. Perhaps just a Friday to Sunday event -- but fingers crossed that we will be able to still hold a lite version of one in August. We all could use a beverage around a campfire! (Socially distancing of course)


So, stay safe. Give your Jeeps some TLC in this extended pit stop. Fit some of those bits you bought and never got around to fitting!

Speak soon.




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Thanks Jim.


I've ticked a few of those suggestions. Maybe it will have to be a case of regional camps to keep numbers down and distanced, and reduce risks of inter-regional travel?


We will know more as the Government makes plans for re-integration transparent in due course. Fingers crossed for a summer camp - typical how this time the jeep is ready, but the conditions maybe not!


Looking forward to catching up in person sometime soon.

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