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So what do you want to do once we can go out again ?


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spookie the aardvark

"non-paintwork friendly lanes" Jim???????????? isn't that what a chainsaw is for? The two stroke paintwork protector that works even better than Raptor paint 👍🤩

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Fifteen years ago I was very active in volunteering to cut back hedges on byways. I don't any more unless I have it in writing from the local Highways Dept that it's OK.


There are laws now that can be in conflict with each other and it's not very pleasant when a member of the public reports you for working on the highway without a licence. Or without all of the necessary PPE and signage. I haven't been in trouble myself, but I did get a friendly visit from highways concerning the maintenance I was doing to the UCR that was on the land I used to own.


This document is for Wales. it says you can in section 3.2


This one says you can't... Unless you can prove you can.

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geoff meadows

ĶI am interested  in a thetford  forest trip  .did have plans for it early in the year but they never happened give me a call when you plan the recipe trip please jim

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