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TJ for sale.

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Not sure whether I am supposed to post  this but here we go. It is intended as a bit of goodwill to a Jeeper in a difficult situation with what could be a terrific Jeep, which otherwise could be got by someone who gets it and wrecks it!


As some of you know I have been considering getting a well modded TJ. 

 In my searching I have come across one which in my opinion is a really super Jeep. Its had a lot spent on it, all the right bits etc and appears to be basically very sound at a reasonable  price. However you may ask ''why don't you buy it?'' I would love to, but!  Despite all the good news it has stood in a barn for the last six years. As a result it is a project involving more work to get it back tip top than I can face at my age even though  what is required  is relatively simple. 

The thing is, the fellow who owns  it is a huge Jeep fan  who became  unwell those six years ago and was unable to drive.  The truck was put in storage until he recovered, which unfortunately has never happened. This Jeep deserves to go to a good home and I thought someone in our club might agree which would also help this guy out.

If anyone would be interested give me  a ring on  07806773751 and I will put you in touch.

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