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Stoneacre Jeep Cleckeaton Bradford

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Truly the worst car buying experience I've had and I've bought a lot of cars over the last 30 years.


It started when I notice oil under the car when viewing it, the car was rushed into the garage and checked over and the sales person, the sales manager and service department all confirmed it was some oil that was spilt when doing the service the previous day and it wasn't a leak. After trading several phone calls and emails they confirmed again it wasn't a leak and I bought the car.


With 4 days it was back in the garage with the leak, they replace all the hoses and seals on everything which took nearly 2 weeks. It was delivered back and before the driver had even got out the car I could see the oil leaking out so it went straight back. 3 weeks later it comes back, this time it lasted a week before the oil came out. After investigating myself turned out they'd cleaned a plastic plate under the car and where the oil was pooling so this is why it took the week to start again. 


I asked for a refund as the car had been faulty since I bought it and it had spent more time in the garage than my house. It then took 2 weeks of arguing before they accepted the car back but then they got an independent assessor in to see if I had caused the oil leak somehow. He took 40 mins to find out the engine block was cracked so they finally refunded my money.


2 months in their garage and couldn't find the fault, either that or they found it and tried to cover it over, in not sure how they had it for 2 months and couldn't find the issue that the assessor found in 40mins. Then they were did their best to find a reason why they wouldn't refund the money.


The rear wheel arch had been re-sprayed, they told me it was because the paint had flaked. After a bit of research again I found out the car had been had a full wrap which had damaged a few places during the removal. 


The car has gone straight back up on autotrader so avoid buying this car reg WR63 XZN and avoid Stoneacre garage

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