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Newbie to the owners club


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Hi Everybody

Thought i better fill in the newbie introduction, i joined yesterday and already have had people giving help and advice with s little problem i have with the XJ.

I am not at all new to jeeps, having bought my 1944 Ford GPW way back in 1978, my very first vehicle after passing my driving test, followed four years later by my CJ7, i still have them both, but fancied a diesel Cherokee XJ (age and comfort thing) so seven  years ago i bought a 1999 (W reg) TD Sport, after spending months looking around for a good clean example i dropped on a one owner from new 42000 full service history example. I use it nowadays as a run around and shooting truck but its just everything i want in a vehicle (wife says its a tractor) but its mine and nobody else drives it around. Spent a few quid on the sagging suspension and lifted it approx 2.1/2" and bought four Grissly alloy wheels, scrapping the steel ones, raided the local scrap yards every time a facelifted model landed and stocked up with cheap bits ( dont seem to see them in the scrap yards these days) to keep me rolling. Apart from the imobiliser shutting the thing down for a few days its been very reliable. I wound like to change the front control arms to adjustable ones as i suspect the rubber bushes are on there last legs after nearly 20 years, a rear disc brake mod would be nice and but otherwise i intend keeping her for as many years as possible.

Well thanks for reading my woffle and hopefully you will be able to answer my questions as and when i need assistance.

Thanks Ian 

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