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Hi from West Yorkshire


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Having being raised by parents and extended family all driving Landys, I've done what any sane teenager would do when presented with a hefty student loan, 2 years NCB, and being the only student who wants lift and torque instead of budget brand coilovers and some carbon fibre vinyl wrap on some oddly placed eBay special fake air vents...


I've bought a Jeep WG Stealth that's been on SORN for the last year, luckily I've done this (hopefully) the right way and bought the specific Jeep WG Stealth I've parked in front of at my girlfriend's house for the last two years, one that gets checked over and run for a little while every couple of months and hopefully won't bankrupt me.


I've pretty much impulse bought this massive black thing with a wheelbase I could lie down between for peanuts from my girlfriend's mum and fell in love with it within a minute of seeing the V5C and being handed the keys, so now I'm figuring out just what needs doing to it to get it ready for MOT without gaffer taping a can of EasyStart to the intake every time it gets cold.

This Jeep is my ticket into joining West Yorkshire 4x4 and showing up my dad with his Disco II around the quarry and out on rescues.


Jumping from a 1.1 petrol Fiat to a 2.7 CRD with 3 times the bhp and 4.5 times the torque of a Panda will be a hell of a jump, but I think the biggest jump will be the jump my left leg does when I'm in traffic getting to uni, get to a hill start, and get phantom clutch syndrome.


Does anyone have any pictures of the underside of a WJ/WG with the Up Country package? The build sheet from Jeep is not particularly helpful as it doesn't show many part codes apart from the two I've managed to find for the Up Country rear springs that it does have, so I'm going to spend Saturday underneath it trying to figure out why the front UJ decided to no longer be a functioning element of the drivetrain (the front prop fell out) on it's last trip up the road and would appreciate anyone who can give me an idea of what's underneath it and how to tell if it does have the rest of the Up Country kit or if it's just one that rolled into the wrong bit of the assembly line after only having the rear springs put on- it looks possible as it came with the 2002 service manual and documents fresh from Jeep, was built and registered in early/mid 2003, and is the 2004 model Stealth edition, so either it's one of the very first 2004's ordered and delivered or it's had an interesting trip around the Steyr plant during assembly.


Sorry for the massive first post, I'll probably be posting some pics of my pretty basic rebuild and asking for advice on here as soon as I can "borrow" a trolley jack or two from somewhere,



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I'll probably start the asking for advice early and ask, does anyone know what the maximum external tyre diameter you can get away with on a WG is?

Don't worry, I'm not putting low profile 22's on it but it does have a set of slightly scruffy 18" Monostar alloys already so not much point getting a set of steelies to put some mud or all terrain tyres on when I can just fit them on the wheels already bolted on

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