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Jeep Privileges Events

Chris Redford

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Hi All, I'm sure many of you have heard of or taken part in events organised under the old banner of Jeep Privileges - see attached 2003 brochure cover.


I took part in 3 of their advertised events, the Picos in Northern Spain in 2001, Ballahoura Forest in Ireland 2002, and Euro Jeep Camp in Valle d'Aosta in NW Italy in 2003. I was living and working in Geneva during this period so the Italian event was 'just around the corner' for me.


To come to my point I have just uploaded photos of the 3 events to my Flikr account so I thought you might be interested to see events of more than 15 years ago. I have to say that if Jeep Privileges started again tomorrow I would be first in the queue - no camping, just good food, good wine and good hotels linked together by a day out on the tracks. Not that cheap mind but great for a once a year extravagance. I think the Picos trip was the longest at about 6 or 7 days.


The trips were accompanied by 3 staff in 2 support vehicles. Thick polythene was stuck to the vehicles - a bit like thick cling film, to keep the worst of the muck and dust off.


At the time my Jeep was a 1996 4.0 GC Limited (ZJ). Black with gold badges, trim & wheel inserts, it can be seen in the photos with its Swiss (VD for canton Vaud) number plates.


Hope you find the photos of interest.

All the best

Chris R.








Jeep Privileges 2003 brochure.jpg

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Hi Chris


Thanks for sharing, beautiful scenery and I very much enjoyed browsing you pictures.



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