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Hi, long time reader, first time post


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Hi All,

Have been trawling these forums for over a year so thought it high time to say hi ;).

I have just recently sold my modded TJ 4.0 (best car I have ever owned) and replaced it with a 2018 JKU 3.6 auto. I'm still getting used to the enormous difference in driving experience. After 1 week with the Jeep have finally got over the fact that it is new and shiny and I'm now planning a build project to 'fix' things.

Nothing too drastic just yet but new wheels, lift, exhaust is first up.

Will reach out soon with some questions and pics, but thought I'd be polite and say hi first!

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Welcome! Looking forward to reading how your build goes.........a nice shiny new JKU for the tinkering with ? i’m Sure you will find it is a worthy replacement for your TJ, my JKU ties with my CJ as the best car I’ve ever owned although it’s unfair to make the comparison. What spec did you get, was it a 3.6 Rubicon?

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1 hour ago, neal said:



In the spirit of recent posts and from one JKU owner to another ?

So that’s the “Jeep wave” emoji then Neal ?

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