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Cooking on the Cob


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Here's a great addition to your camping kit! You can even use this at home as I do (outdoors ) 


Fancy a roast dinner in the middle of nowhere ? This is the kit perfect for that! 


I did a roast chicken that turned out perfectly. Sorry I forgot to take a pic of it cooked! 





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Very nice - might look into one of those...ever tried baking bread in it?

(FYI I think the chicken in the picture may just need another 5 minutes to be on the safe side ?)

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We loved ours so much we bought a second kit. Used them virtually everyday this summer out on the patio.

If you buy the full Cob kitchen package the extra pans are brilliant !






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We went for the Cadac Safari; smaller and lighter, and fits into the boat's cockpit locker or the caravan's external cupboard. Comes with lots of options (grill, BBQ, wok, cooker) in one pack. Runs on gas, so easy to clean and also quick to pack up after use, if you need to move on. Won't do a whole chicken, though! That Cobb looks really impressive. We also got a miniature BBQ that takes one or two of the circular briquettes similar to the Cobb shown above. It will just do two small steaks, but is little more than pocket sized. No pictures; we spent the long, hot summer in Sweden and barbecues were banned because of the forest fire risk!

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