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A good idea or not?


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Spotted these on evil bay the other day, seems a practical use of space and extra seating? 




Something they've been doing in Land Rovers a long time, to be honest I never liked sitting on the side benches nor did my kids. I think side facing seats don't require seat belts either if I remember from last time I had one MOT'd, should imagine that's scary in a Jeep with the roof down and the possibility of falling out!

Is there some insurance issues as well? I got told a Wrangler is registered as a four seater so upping it to six is going to cause some concern, I did like the mod though, wouldn't spend that much on it but liked the way the seller says the seats fold up out of the way when not in use.


Misread, apparently these are rare originals, thought the seller was manufacturing them as never seen them before.



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I didn't read ad properly.
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