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Northern Hilltop

Gerald F

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Visited the site of a now demolished Cold War communications post. A quick walk round showed lots of old co-ax cable sticking out of the ground; I'd driven halfway across when I noticed pieces of re-bar sticking up, too! Careful retracing of route before my new tyres got punctured. The WK2 GC really could do with better close-to forward vision.

On the horizon, you might just see the island of Foula, Britain's most remote community.

Interesting looking tracks in this part of the world usually end in boggy peat cuttings – best avoided since a thin layer of turf covers a metre or so of soft muddy stuff. If you crack that crust, you are instantly axle deep, with the rest of the vehicle resting on the turf, and zero traction. My old Land Rover needed a large Massey Ferguson with double wheels to extract it from that, and I've no wish to walk 5 miles down the hill to summon one again. I doubt if even the 'mud' setting on the Quadra Trac II would save me.

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