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Kelvin's JK


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Just installed some additional footwell, underseat and cargo LED lights. I also upgraded the interior lights to be LED throughout.

To be fair it was reasonably easy just struggled to find online info about which wiring to tie into to be able to use the steering column switch to turn on and off.

When on auto the lights activate upon door opening/closing and with the alarm arm/disarm.


White DRL LED light strips - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01FUEXZD4




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Let the de-Rusting commence!

  • Krust for externals
  • Dinitrol rc900 for internals - main frame and any inaccessible areas either inside or outside the vehicle.

Once treated the plan is to use:

1. Black Hammerite underseal from the main body.

2. 5L Clear Waxoyl from frame cavity. - using waxoyl applicator canister. Any other suggestions welcomed.

3. HTP for the exhaust - https://www.toolstation.com/shop/Painting+%26+Decorating/d150/Spray+Paints/sd2737/High+Temperature+Spray+Paint+500ml/p64927


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I recently added this after struggling to source a Design 67 iPhone holder.


Various parts purchased from Amazon.


total cost: £25




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