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Mud Runs


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Im looking for muddy fun, not experienced for "proper" 4W driving. Just want some muddy tracks and some water (not to serious) maybe. Snow, woukd be fun to.

Can anyone suggest anything/anywhere?


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I doubt that you will find much snow in the UK this time of year. There is sometimes a tiny bit of snow on European Alpine peaks in some of the ski resort areas but you'll be probably be limited to driving car parks as most tracks are private. Colorado can be good for early snow.


If you are not experienced for proper four-wheel drive, avoid water.


What part of the country are you in?

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4x4 TV ads often show the vehicle charging through water but they never show them conking out, getting stuck, floating away or catching fire. All of which are avoidable if you know what you are doing.


There are a few green lanes still driveable in Warwickshire. I haven't driven any of them since 2006 but maybe someone here has. You should really go exploring in a small group.


If you do go laning, make sure you have accessible towing points front and rear and all the equipment you need to attach to them. A friendly passing Land Rover driver isn't going to be carrying equipment to recover a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's your responsibility to make sure you have adequate recovery points, suitable shackles and a rope or strap to attach to them.


A rough guide is to use shackles with a minimum breaking strain at least twice the weight of your Jeep. Bigger the better but make sure they fit by testing them with your rope/strap on your Jeep before you go.


For a recovery rope a 12ton breaking strain 5m rope, or a minimum of an equivalent lifting strap. Avoid kinetic ropes, they are too dangerous to use without training.

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