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am i really welcome ?

markus s

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hi there, my name is markus schartner.

im located in europe / austria/ / tirol.

im riding on a Jeep since 1990 ...

my actual Jeep is a modified wrangler TJ from 2001.

in a very nice coulour called amber fire.

take a look at my toy at the attached pic.


we try to find our Jeep tracks in the tyrolean mountains,

but its very hard, caused of our "green laws"

i wish all a good day, and keep on wheelin.

markus schartner


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Hi Markus.


I love your TJ and matching trailer. I would really like to know what challenges you face keeping a modified Jeep road legal in Austria. I lived in Zurich some years ago. I brought my British registered right hand drive TJ on 35" tyres into Switzerland for a special trip but it was only permitted to stay 4 months in the country.  The Swiss authorities made it clear that they didn't like it being in Switzerland.


Have you ever been to Jeep-Heep-Heep in Crans Montana?

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@jim - hehe, thx ?


@V - wow ! the jeep heep thing, i never heard before. i take a look a the homepage, and buuum,

for sure, i will be there in september. thx for the hint ?


to my trailer -  we  build it out of an old TJ. a modified body and bigger axles, to handle the 35'' tires.

the roof is a mix of two old duster deck covers - stitched to one ...


nice evening ...






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