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New member...failed MOT woes

John Walsh

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Hello everyone,


I’ve had my Wrangler Sahara since 1998. It’s only done 26k miles but sadly this year it failed its MOT for “brake pipe excessively corroded”


It needs two steel break pipes made up for the car. I spoke with Chrysler and they said these were the part numbers: 


52009093 (right)

52009092 (left)


As the car is over twenty years old they no longer make the parts or have any legacy spares they can offer up. Can someone advise on this?


Also, my Jeep has rust on the body work, the door handle and the matt paintwork on the side mirrors has whitened. I have attached pictures here.  







JEEP JIW3016 - body.jpg

JEEP JIW3016 - bonet.jpg

JEEP JIW3016 - bumper hook.jpg


JEEP JIW3016 - door handle.jpg

JEEP JIW3016 - front screen area.jpg

JEEP JIW3016 - grill bars.jpg

JEEP JIW3016 - mirror.jpg

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For  the brake pipes just have some made from the "copper" pipe.


If you can't get the correct ends just cut the old ones off and reuse.


Most local motor factors will make them up to the length you specify.

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When I needed some pipes made up for the CJ I went to the local Pirtek shop, took the old damaged pipe in for them to make a good copy and they made me one up. Quick, easy and relatively cheap. Try Pirtek.co.uk/service-centres for a centre near you. They can't help with your rust though! ?

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thanks for that Tim, I will give it a try.


Does anyone recommend a good restoration garage of paintwork needed?

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