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Just purchased my first Wrangler, looking forward now to getting her out and having some fun.

I used to own a Cherokee many years ago.


If anyone has any advice on good all round tyres for road and field use and also what's the largest tyre I can fit on the standard wheels.

This would be great. ? 



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What size wheels does your Jeep have now? What's the full tyre size description?


There are probably three main factors other than price to consider regarding choosing a tyre for your Jeep.

1) Off roading or street use, Mud Terrains (MT), All Terrain (AT) or street tyres.

2) Number of sidewall plies. Triple ply are strong performing off road tyres, two ply are less strong (more vulnerable to sidewall damage and being written off early)

3) Tread depth. A top brand MT will usually have 3/4" or 20mm minimum tread depth when new although I have seen this figure drop on modern lower profile metric tyre designs. Cheaper brands will have 9/16" or 14mm deep tread and obviously wont last as long, that's why they are cheaper.

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Street use but will be used in muddy fields in the winter on a small farm.


The diameter of the wheel is 16"




Thankyou for your help.

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I am assuming the tyres are for a TJ Wrangler. With unmodified suspension you don't want to go over 30" overall diameter for tyre clearance and gearing.

You have the following sizes to choose from:


225/75R16 = 29.3"

235/70R16 = 29"

245/70R16 = 29.5" likely to rub wheel wells and need steering stop adjustment to reduce steering range


With a 2" suspension lift:


265/70R16 = 30.6"

265/75R16 = 31.6"


Without regearing both axles, these last two sizes will make it nearly impossible to drive in 5th gear due to the effect of the larger diameter


If you fit a tyre size that is not on the type approval sticker on your Jeep, your new tyres will be an insurance notifiable modification.

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