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FCA's Mahindra problem


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I read with disappointment today this article about FCA trying to prevent Mahindra from selling the Roxor ATV in the USA.


Instead of stomping on a manufacturer selling a product in a market that Jeep are not in, why not compete with them instead? Make a better product at a better price. Jeep can make them identical to CJ5 and Mahindra wouldn't be able to sue for selling an identical product. Give people the choice, a Mahindra Roxor or a Jeep CJ5-ATV?

It wasn't so long ago that Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola phones were all made in the same factory by a 3rd party manufacturer. I don't see any reason why FCA couldn't use Mahindra as a contract manufacturer to produce a Jeep branded ATV.


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Which is why I find it really bizarre that FCA are trying to prevent Mahindra selling their CJ as an ATV. I doubt that Mahindra are using any of the original tooling that Willys supplied them with after 60 years but replacement tools are obviously being made to the same dimensions as the originals. Fiat Chrysler might own the intellectual property to the design, but Mahindra have been making license built Jeeps far longer than any owner of the Jeep brand has.


I wonder if Mahindra & Mahindra would get together with Renault to buy out FCA. That would be funny if Renault owned Jeep again.

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I wonder if FCA are also going after WaterCar. This would be interesting to see if WaterCar is FCA licensed to build their product using similar trade dress or if they are just making their amphibious vehicle from aftermarket panels.

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I have just had a look at the technical pages and it doesn't use any 'Jeep' panels. It has a full fibreglass hull/body so the Jeep look has been designed in.

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