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Well I've been lurking in the shadows for a while but now I've got my very first Jeep I can step out into the light.


Last year there was a possibliity of me becoming an XJ owner but that project is still dead in the water so when a nice looking WJ/WG Grand Cherokee came up for sale on Autotrader this week I just had to go & have a look.


It's a 2004 Overland 2.7 CRD in Onyx Green. It seems in fine fettle mechanically but need a few cosmetic issues taken care of (don't they all).

The bonnet struts are knackered & the window sills are all bubbling up. Heated seats work (though the warning lights don't) & the a/c is ice cold.



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Picked it up today & put a hundred miles on it bringing it home. The upper & lower ball-joints mentioned as advisories in the last MOT are going to need doing for sure.


I've priced up the bonnet struts & they start from under £8 each. Whether they are any good at that price I don't know - might push the boat out a little further.

The window trims are £26 each - not essential of course but they do spoil the looks a bit.

There is no load cover so I'll have to try & track one down. The engine cover is missing so I'll want to find one of those too.


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