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Merits of a Second Jeep.

Rob Wrangler

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Rob Wrangler

Hi Everyone,


I work as a Landlord to student tenants (the worst kind!), and I use a piddly Vauxhall Corsa to runaround in.  It is pretty beaten up with having taken broken furniture to the tip, ferrying dogs and such like.  


I bought my first Wrangler with the intention of using it to do the above, but I've had friends and family say, "You can't use it to do your work'! (Pic attached).


So, I'm thinking in the future of 'maybe' getting a second Jeep to replace the Corsa, to do all the beaten up stuff.  Probably looking at no more than 10k.  Just wondered what people think.  Had a quick browse on Ebay and there seem to be some bargains between £5k to 10k.


I simply just love the hardiness of the Wrangler ?




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I am sure not all student tenants are bad, after all they are your customers and are paying you enough rent to be able to think about a second Jeep. I have two Cherokees and I like it that they are similar and different at the same time. One was even registered as forestry tractor for a number of years and I used it for hauling logs and tools at home so I can appreciate your position. I have also had a few 1.0L Corsa Bs that I used for the school run after having a JKU that was bought for domestic use. I don't like Corsas much but they did their job well.


If the Corsa is serving its purpose and not letting you down why not keep it? It is cheap to maintain, insure and run. It's also not very conspicuous, so if you do upset a tennant, they've no idea you have a pride and joy Jeep at home. Corsas may not be a very well designed vehicles, but they can be fun. I put all new suspension on one of mine (twice) using higher quality replacement parts, new springs, gas filled shocks, urethane bushings, anti-roll bar, decent brakes. It didn't go any quicker but it handled like a sports car and still looked entirely stock. It almost got to 200,000 miles before it was scrapped.


If you do decide to buy a second Jeep, those made before 1997 are more likely to have reliable electricals if they have been looked after well. After 1997 Jeeps started to gain more and more electronics. When electronics start to fail, hardiness isn't an adjective I would use to describe them. It's not unusual to scrap a car now simply because finding the cause of an electronic fault and fixing it can be uneconomical. They are fine when they work but electronics is the new 'rust' for 21st century vehicles.

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Rob Wrangler

Many thanks for your reply.  I think for now I'll put my sensible head on!


Later down the line, should I take the plunge, I'll take heed of the pre-1997 Jeeps.


Thanks again.

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