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Hello and Help!

The Prof

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Hello to all you Jeep People I am glad to have joined you.
The name was my nickname half a century ago when I raced stockcars but that was another life!
I have a WJ  and  a WK the old v8 is not on the road but still starts and runs well and has had loads of work and money thrown at it but I was spending most of my pension on fuel.
The WK is a 2006 from those inbetween years when they first altered the WJ and is my day to day transport and my day to day pain in the butt!
The ABS etc system is the bane of my life and that is where help is needed as this time I am struggling.

I will ask the questions in the appropriate place and hope those with the knowledge will be able to assist


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Welcome Dave,

Tell us some more about your stockcar racing days and how you got your first Jeep.

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