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Hello everyone


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I am the owner of a 2002 4.7 V8 Grand Cherokee Ltd. WJ with 40k on the clock, which we purchased in 2005. Had an LPG conversion fitted in 2009, amongst other mods.

Used as daily commute, school run around and also toured UK & Europe with it towing a 25ft twin axle caravan until 2013, when the caravan was sold.

Not now used as daily commuter (company car etc.) so no real need for the Jeep, but cannot sell it either..........speaks volumes.

Still gets used and enjoyed, but never been off road...........

Enjoying the site and forums, joined a couple of months ago but thought I ought to introduce myself.

Hope to post more in the future.


Jeep 1.jpg

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Welcome to the Club ! Nice! WJ?


41 minutes ago, Icepilot said:

, but never been off road..........


Does that mean you could be tempted? ?

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Would love to do it, but not in this Jeep. I would have to buy another one and set it up for off roading.

There is some superb examples of 'proper' off roaders on the site, but can't ever see mine getting upto its bump stops in mud!

Have been to Tong (only 10mins from me) in the past and watched real off-roaders having a great time, looks brilliant. ?


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