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trail rated badges


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So, I'm confused....


what is the relevance of the 'Trail Rated' badge added to JKs?


I always understood it to be a badge of 'honour' added to the Rubicon models.  Is this the case?


Trawling through the Jeep.com site, i notice all models, from Sport up, have the badge added.


How come then, are the lesser Euro models are not badged, other than Rubicons.  Are they not all the same vehicle across the global range?  Or, do they the European counter parts as lesser vehicles as  they are fitted with diesel engines?



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When the badge was first introduced it was because the model had successfully completed a journey along the Rubicon trail in the Sierra Nevada.


Having driven the trail myself, I can look at a Jeep wearing the badge and immediately determine the route it took. It is possible to bypass all of the significant obstacles now and if you have a team of people ahead rock stacking ramps everywhere else. It's a hard trail even on the bypasses.


The trail rated badge does not indicate how much body damage or how many mechanical breakages the vehicle suffered on the Rubicon. I believe a stock JK and a stock JL could navigate the trail with rock stacking. The front and rear bumpers would be trashed and the alloy wheels would all be gouged.


I can't imagine any stock Jeep taking on 'The Soup Bowl

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