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2005 Jeep Cherokee 3.7 v6 limited


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Hi everyone. Im a new member looking some advice along the way of getting this jeep road worthy

A bit of a random purchase this one.

My dad has been wanting something with a tow bar and something with a bit of space for when he has a car load of mates for golf or going to the Rugby in Belfast

He’s had a rough time recently with his health having to get stints and the medication messing him up abit.

I wanted to do something nice so I thought I’d buy him a wee jeep.

I spied this on Copart with no body damage but a description of smokey engine. It’s a 3.7 v6 petrol with a lot of spec and 92000 miles. I had checked out it’s mot history before buying and it failed for a wheel bearing and a couple of suspension bushes. So a small bid was placed and I won it. I just got it home and gave it a quick wash. Luckily it came with a full history havinh had a lot of work carried out. It came with two keys and what seems to be a brand new Towbar . Unluckily it seems the right hand head gasket is away. I don’t know how big a job that is but there seems plenty of room to work at it.

So the plan is get the gasket done, suspension components replaced . A good valet and polish then give it to my dad


So here it is . The split boot is pretty cool


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Quite fancy a V6 KJ myself so I hope this pans out for you.

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