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100k Patriots


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Hello all- total novice here. I'm looking to replace my BMW 320i estate with a bigger car (and one with less of the "I'm a wanker" stereotype that comes with the BMW badge. Having looked high and low through autotrader and a few reviews, I seem to have stumbled upon the Patriot as the perfect replacement... (in theory) Bigger car, better MPG, faster acceleration... all seemingly too good to be true. I'm looking at the 2.0L CRD models that all seem to have approx 100k on the clock and are going for the 2.5-3k price range. The VW Diesel engine seems like an attractive reason to think these will go on for another 100,000 miles and I'd want it to be a reliable car for work, aswell as a bigger car to fit the toys in at the weekend (bikes, surfboards, etc). I'm not a die-hard off-roader and if I was, I would have a wrangler anyway!


I would love to hear your thoughts on whether this is a good or bad idea... what to look for, any common problems, etc. I know it was a short-lived model and I haven't seen many for sale with more than 120k on the clock, does this mean they don't last very long?


Any help is greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Laurie

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