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A returning member. I think...


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Thought I'd say hi, I am fairly sure I used to be a member of this club as I have a recollection of it. But then I may be wrong, it's an age thing!!


I am the proud owner of a 2005 Grand Cherokee 3.0CRD LTD auto, it's the longest I've ever owned a car and despite it currently having problems I continue to love and hold faith with the car.


We mainly use the car for towing our caravan and it has been superb at that: it does this weird thing where the more you load it up, the more it has to work, the better a car it is! As a car just trolling around on ordinary runs it has (if we're brutally honest) some small shortcomings: poor fuel economy and slightly clunky front suspension (compared to my previous Audi and Touareg). But when towing our van with the wife and three small dogs on board, the suspension rides smoother, the gearbox changes gear better and the engine seems quieter. Nearly 7 years on it is still a great car to travel across Europe in or scale mountain passes in Wales.


Just gotta fix this darned 4 wheel drive issue now...  :wav2


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Hi John,


I have a 2005 CRD also, and am also a returning member!


To be honest I've had some 'issues' with said Jeep that have meant I've spent more time lurking on here than posting. Car is currently in for an oil leak that will no doubt be make or break.

Leaking fuel hoses, leaking front shocks, got stuck in 4LO, usual stuff. I do love driving it though, know how you feel.

The advice is to avoid the 2005, but old cars are old cars, so to be expected. I happen to like the pre-facelift interior as it goes anyway.


I purchased mine with 69k on the clock and had the same clunky front suspension. While I was having two leaking front shocks replaced (cured nosediving under breaking) I opted to replace the front anti roll bar bushes. This has made a big difference, not perfect but a lot better.


You might want to take a look, from new they have 'smooth' bush clamps, you need to upgrade these clamps to the current spec 'ridged' version when you replace the bushes.



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