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Well having now bought my XJ 1999 the next stage was to get some  insurance . I've got a new Wrangler 4 door that cost just over £400 to insure as I have 11 years NCD and am about to hit the big 40. So I thought getting a second cheap Jeep would be a few hundred as it's SDP use with low miles on the policy. How wrong could I be most are coming back in the  £550-800 range and that's with no MOD's on the car. Plus it's of road parking and all the right answers......


So the question is does anyone know  any 4x4 insurance companies who do good rates ???.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mike,


Lots of insurance threads on the forum. I have great luck with NFU Mutual including all my mods on each rig.




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Adrian flux do all my cars and my Bike.

If you push them they’ll move on price and mirror no claims across policies.

Think of the realistic price you want to pay and tell them that you have acquire fir that amount from someone else , worked every time for me!

£300 on my JKU with all mods and agreed value of 30K

£325 on my WK

£355 on wife’s new renegade

£200 on the Harley.

That with full no claims on bike and car, me and wife as drivers , parked off road limited to 5k on JKU

Compared to others who quoted total save this year was iver £600!

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