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51 plate 3.960 cc


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Hi, sorry if I place my question in wrong place. I am trying to find the exact model of my jeep. the vin number does not help.

I did ask before on here and several people were kind enough to help but I can not find there messages to reply to.


I need to replace the rear axle and was told to take some photos so here we go. If anyone can tell me what my model is and where to get a good used axle I would very much appreciate it. i bought this car a while ago but have not been able to use it




PS My details state I have  4.7 v8.  I do but this is my other one lol









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Your previous thread was here, by the way:



Your Jeep is a 1997 ZJ 4.0L.


You're having trouble presumably because the registered date with the DVLA is showing as September 2001, hence the 51 plate.  They stopped making ZJs around 1998. Unless it spent four years sitting in a field somewhere before being registered, given the non-UK colour (assuming it's not a wrap) I would suggest it was imported in 2001 and registered incorrectly.


As far as the rear axle goes, standard UK-spec was for a Dana 35.


Edit to add: I would also suggest you check the vehicle's history carefully, as the MOT log appears to suggest some anomalies.


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A 51 plate on a 1997 vehicle shouldn't be possible under current DVLA rules which suggests that something dodgy is going on with this vehicle's history. My guess is that it's a registration plate ringer. A 51 plate should never be on a ZG, it is not even allowed as a cherished plate transfer. A 51 plate is for a WG.


Getting back to the rear axle. Why do you think you need a replacement? Finding a good swap out swap in replacement D35 axle from a '96-'98 may not be easy as they are all likely to have high mileages over 100K miles after 20 years.


Your rear axle is likely to have been originally equipped with a clutch type LSD. This requires a special friction modifier lubricant. If your axle is noisy on turns (banging, thumping) or makes turning corners feel difficult, have you tried changing the diff oil for proper LSD gear oil? If the clutches are not too badly worn, fresh LSD gear oil can sometimes improve their operation and eliminate most of these problems for a while.


If the Jeep is just being used as a road Jeep then repairing the D35 could be viable depending on what is wrong with it, only you can decide. You haven't said what is wrong with it. If the Jeep is going to be used as an off roader and money is going to be spent on other parts like tyres, lockers and gearing then it would be better to swap out the D35 for a 31-spline Ford 8.8 from a similar age Ford Explorer. Custom bracket welding on the Ford axle will be required and you will lose the ABS function, but the axle is far stronger than the D35 and represents very little extra outlay if regearing anyway.


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