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My Beloved Cherokee XJ


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It pains me after the work and effort that have gone into my XJ but lack of space and limited time in the UK mean it is sitting unused and unloved. They problem is that it has a big hole in the floor and missing propshaft after the prop let go on the way back from Morocco last year. This XJ has been to 27 countries and I will miss it.


I will post some pics up if anyone is interested in it as a project to repair let me know but the Jeep will start to get stripped in the next week. So everything will be available.

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Will start to get things listed and photos bit off the top of my head.


Front custom bumper with removable winch bracket

Rear custom bumper with 2.25 receiver

Rock rails


All in black texture finish


Roof rack with spare tyre bracket

OME springs for ZJ and 2 inch spacer lifts around 4.5 to 5 inch

Custom rear springs 1.5 inch lift shackle

HD shackle relocation bracket

HD steel extended bump stop bracket

Front Lower Control arm drop bracket

CRock Steering bracket and fitting kit


Front sports seats with custom brackets

New headlights

wheels spacers x 4

255 85 16 Toyo Open country fitted last year so 8 months use

Transfer case drop bracket

Fuel tank guard



Rear is 8.25 with new OEM LSD

Front is HP D30

Gearing is 4.10

both were rebuilt professionally at a cost of over £1500


I also have gearing set of 4.88 which was fitted for around 10K but was a nightmare on motorway.


Im sure there is more I also have other wheels and tyres and radiators, props and shocks and other spares.


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I hope someone will take it on, one of the members on here is breaking a couple of shells that are rust free so I can let them know where a floor is available to repair.

I have all the other parts for repair biggest problem I have is time I cant store at its current location from 1st May so need to act fast.


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Well the sad news is she will be scrapped, I had a few enq but the value of the parts exceeds what is likely to be a fair value as a complete car (especially one with a big hole in the floor).

I put it on FB and 90% of the parts sold in 12 hours. I still have the engine which was converted into a stroker 1 month before its last trip which will be up for sale soon.


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The last bits will be taken put this weekend then its off to the scrap yard.



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:icon_cry: :icon_cry: That is sad news and a very sad picture Paul. Do you have plans for a replacement?

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It's such a shame for it to go to a scrap yard. I am going to have to start collecting MoT failures to keep here.


How well are you planning to strip her down? There is so many parts on your Jeep I could use, I am just too skint at the moment to buy them. There are lots of parts that are no longer in production and used parts are the only source now. Almost all of electronics are in that category. Other than the parts I have already told you I could do with, these are also on my wish list.


Complete front windscreen wiper assembly with motor and harness

Rear windscreen wiper assembly with motor and harness

Wiper module

Steering box


Door lock solenoids

Electric window actuators

Door handles

Door locks/catches

Doors, tailgate and body panels (very soon it won't matter what colour as they are getting scarce)

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Hi Paul,


Sad to see this  :gasp: We have done so many great trips out with your XJ :icon_e_sad:

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