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Hi all I'm new to the jeep scene just purchased a Grange cherokee 2.7 crd WJ 2004


Firstly I am in the process of doing Injector seals I have them all out but I damaged the valve cover so awaiting replacement so I can build it all back up.


Next problem is the car battery went flat so it had a jump start and charged up to full capacity. On doing this the car will not shift gear and is stuck in say second gear. It will shift from N to R and D no bother with a shunt added aswell.


I have taken the pcb out of the gear selector and cleaned it all up also the TCM plugs are dry.


When I do the key trick for codes nothing at all shows up it doesnt work and obviously I can't check that the cleaning of the pcb worked cause the car isnt running yet.


Are there any other things I can do just now while the car is inoperable? Also anyone got a pcb and/or a valve cover for sale.




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Richie .223

Hi mate. I presume it's a nag1 trans in your jeep? Possibilities are that you have leaking o rings on the big round electrical connector located on the transmission. They leak and flood the contacts causing all sorts. Or when you jumpstarted the jeep it's kspiked the trans position sensor. You may also have to re learn the gearbox using a dealer starscan. But like I said in my post it's been a while since I had the pleasure of a trans fault lol.

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Hi Ritchie yes well I have just done all injector seals and new cam cover however I have ran into one other problem the jeep isn't starting. Done the key trick and came up with codes p0340 p0540 p1685 and p0702 I have the car on jump leads to make sure it has full battery capacity so I'm assuming cam sensor is a first to check?

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