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My name is Alan, has anyone any good news about a TIPM unit for a 2008 Patriot, where could I buy one or have mine checked and repaired??

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TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module)


I think the first thing to do is to ask a Jeep dealer if there is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for the TIPM on your Jeep. You may be lucky if there is an outstanding recall waiting for your Jeep.


The old fashioned relay and fuse boxes were bad enough if they melted but TIPM sound like a nightmare. I guess the TIPM is how control by software is physically implemented in the Jeep.



Ask your Jeep dealer to give you a repair quote so you know what the worst case situation is. If you can have a chat with a workshop technician directly ask them if it is something you can swap with a used part from another Patriot or another current or younger model. The newer the part the better.


Unreliable electronics are becoming a more prevalent reason for scrapping a car in recent years. I have got a mechanically serviceable Voyager that is going to be scrapped because of electronics failures. Faults take forever to diagnose properly (if at all) and genuine replacement electronics cost a fortune especially for vehicles over 10 years old which is about the age that most car manufacturers would prefer their products go to the scrap yard.


Modern lead free solder doesn't help either as it goes brittle with the change of seasons each year and soldered joints eventually fail. Sometimes you can reflow solder joints with a hot air gun or in an oven but it is a bit hit or miss. Second hand parts of the same vintage may well exhibit the same faults or will develop a fault within a short space of time, it's a gamble. Potted electronics, components encased in epoxy resin, can be more reliable in service but they are impossible to repair.


If you are buying a modern used car loaded with electronics it is probably a good idea to make sure you can get an extended warranty for it that specifically covers the electronics.



I hope you manage to fix it. Good luck.


I just found this website that may be of interest to you.


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Is it the Patriot that has part of the TIPM hanging out into the wheel arch so despite the liner it still is subjected to a lot of water and road salt and corrodes.

I just have this vague memory

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