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Hi everyone.

I got myself a retro jeep. 2003 grand cherokee and is a real treat to drive. My plan is to maintain it best as possible. First things first il need a spare key as it only came with one.

Any suggestions of most affordable option? Dont fancy going to dealer and get ripped off...

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A lot of high street key cutters will do key cloning but there are security risks doing so that must people are happy to ignore.


I have bought a programmable blank key from Quadratec.com before, but I can't remember for what Jeep it was. It might have been a TJ, XJ or WG. It was a long time ago but I am fairly certain I got the new key blade cut to match the original and TCJ Services in Northampton reprogrammed all my keys and remotes to the Jeep's ECU.


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Dealer will be your best first call

Bought a spare 3rd key for my JK  5 or 6 years back  (£65) just in case I lost or damaged one.

According to the hand book as long as I had the original two I could programme it  myself into the system.

Didnt work and found out later that feature was not available to EU Wranglers and had to be done using dealers scan tool.

However 'asked nicely' & managed to get it programmed for free at dealers whilst in for a service at a later date

Dealers changed hands since then .. not as accommodating

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