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First Month in a Grand Cherokee Trailhawk - Owner's opinions.


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Title says it all, just completed the first month of ownership & driving the Trailhawk version of the Grand Cherokee.


3.0 litre V6 Turbo diesel, same as our last Grand Cherokee, powerful & smooth, currently mileage isn't as good but I'll wait until the motor has a few more thousand miles on it before drawing a conclusion. No towbar fitted yet, but that will be on soon & if this pulls a 1500KG caravan as well as the Limited then I'll be very happy. Auto box, great, new shifter is good, feels more precise & a quick move to the left gives a sequential type shifter as well as the flappy paddles on the steering wheel.


Air suspension, new to me, our last Grand was a Limited so bog standard suspension & so far I'm impressed. A bit gimmicky with the different tide heights but the park feature is good. Can be slow to change & one good thing is the car will take over, so if I have selected Off Road 2 it basically won't stay at this height, which is good because I can imagine it would roll massively on corners. It will be interesting to see how the air suspension deals with towing.


Exterior wise, the Trailhawk comes with the black bonnet decal which has always been an accessory available, and the badges are all outlined in red - this looks great if you don't get the redline colour like we did, but the badges are all in black so they stand out in the opposite way to the chrome of other models. Nice Trailhawk badge on the rear hatch & the small circular Trail Rated badges on the front wings.  Black sills (Jeep say rock sliders) mean that big chrome side bars cannot be fitted but hey, I had them on the last Grand, as it was a pre reg car, & it just arrived with them & I didn't like them. The other difference between US & European spec is the two prominent tow hooks coming through the front bumper are deleted from the European vehicles, due to pedestrian safety I understand.


Interior, nice, but if you have seen some of the American You Tube reviews which indicate tailor fit rubber mats, nope, just standard carpet mats. Halfway decent sat nav & entertainment system, although the sat nav database isn't quite current. Half leather interior with trailhawk stitching on the front seta, really comfortable & the adjustment is very precise.

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Not yet! Too ashamned to take any at the moment until it gets a bloody good wash!

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