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New JK Prices


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This may not really be news to anybody but I have been on the Jeep UK website recently pricing up and getting the info on the new Jeep Compass ( which looks very nice ).


There are a few things that surprise me in the way manufacturers marketing departments decide what it is we want, ‘frinstance:


Why is the Auto only available on the top spec model?

Why is the Auto only available with 4x4

Why can’t you spec leather seats as an option on anything except the top spec ( which gets them standard )

What is that dreadful ‘white’ colour, why don’t they do a normal white?


That aside we are quite sold on the Jeep which looks, drives and specs great.


However whilst on Jeep’s configurator  I had a quick peep at the current Wrangler. Could not believe the price of a new Wrangler JKU Rubicon OVER 40 GRAND !!  :gasp: Ridiculous. Over a third more expensive than when I bought mine 3 years ago. OK so the pound has crashed against the dollar since Brexit and you now get leather seats and Nav as standard ( also new crap wheels and tyres ) but even so........


Glad I got mine when I did, looks like I’ll be keeping it a long time........ :icon_e_biggrin:

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