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This arrived today


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Yeah we love the Anvil, has to wait 3 weeks for it but anything to keep Kerry Happy.

It’s just a 1.4 2WD longitude . Replaces her Mini Cooper Clubman ( which I prefere the drive of over the Jeep  :icon_e_confused: and might keep for fun ....) She does 3 miles a day so perfect for her.  So far so good, she’s not let me drive anywhere in my car!

Also doubles up as valentines present  :rofl:



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Also doubles up as valentines present  :rofl:


Don't go there! We have a test drive in a Compass on Wednesday and my mrs is dropping hints: "that'd be a nice Valentines pressie" etc. Was hoping I could get away with a card and a few daffs.......

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.......any more news on the JK front?

Been in with PB for some love this week ahead of a weekend camping laning in the lakes this weekend, Hopefully lots more snow  :icon_e_biggrin:

Still not sure what to do, Need to go buy a new car in a couple of weeks as giving up company vehicles (Both car and campervan) so will need a daily car. Problem is for what I use the JK for its perfect. No real need to buy a new one.

But who cares about what you need.... :rofl:

As ever it will be a last minute decision whilst in the mood to decide about things.



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