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An update on the Grand Cherokee Summit - Coming up 3 years old


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Good afternoon all,


Been a while since I have been on here.


The Summit is now coming up to 3 years old and I still have great pleasure in driving it. In general there has been no major problems.


The tyres did get replaced at about 27,000 ish - cannot remember exactly.


The lacquer on the alloy wheels started to lift at about 2 years and this is a known fault. Jeep replaced them with new, no problem. Wish BMW had done that with my Wife's 635 convertible! They re-sprayed those every year! Now out of warranty and need doing yet again! Be happy to change the car, but the Wife won't let me!


It took me over a year to get the free airline tickets to New York and only when I threatened Meridien Majestic in Bournemouth - no longer Jeep dealers - with action to put me back in the situation I was before the deal. In the end we got a Virgin card with £1,000 on it. Which was very good as my Wife is not good at long flights. So we took a cruise instead!


The latest battle is very annoying. They deny that the 3 years free servicing is anything to do with Jeep and was down to Meridien Majestic. This is not true and I have emailed Jeep with the original mailer they sent me.


I am sure it will get sorted and those from Jeep head office I have spoken to have been very polite and helpful. But it leaves a bad taste that I have to work at it!


Doubt I will change the car for some time. It is still doing the job I want it to and actually doesn't get used as much as I used to drive it and it's predecessor. I know travel round the country on business and radio surveys using my Wildax Solaris XL, Citroen 6.3M panel van motorhome.  Basically a home from home.


Best regards






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Hey Chris good to hear from you and hope you are well.


Sounds like HQ are sorting the situation. If not let us know.

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An update,


Having produced the original leaflet they sent to me which states:


'3 years free servicing'


And informing them that I specifically asked and had confirmed by Merdian Majestic that it included the third year service, they are now stating that it only includes the first two years, which covers for 3 years!


So sad that they have taken this stance. I have been pleased overall with the vehicle, but after chasing for a year to get the equivalent of my air line tickets, then the wheel arch trim falling off and still not that well fitted as well as being a different colour and now this, I am very disappointed.






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