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Slush Mats


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I've searched and I don't think there's a thread on this..


So, given the well documented water ingress issues, that I am also suffering from, I thought I'd buy some slush mats, until its fixed, or for when it fails again.


One problem  - doesn't seem to be a UK stockists for either mopar or aev mats (mopar site only has for up to 2013 jk).

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Plenty to choose from on eBay Matt, not mopar or AEV but well known and respected brands. Should be good for what you need.



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Matt I have slush mats,My drivers side carpet is very wet and the slush mats are bone dry!




As Tony says, depending on where your leak is from slush mats may not solve the problem.


My Red Rock JK would have soaked carpet and bone dry slush mats.


For me the angle of park for the JK had more impact on the leak.


If the front end was higher the; the leak was less.

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I'm also parked on a gradient (bonnet down), it does seem to increase the influx.


I'd just take any reduction in the water for now.

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