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Help the new guy find some decent kit for his jeep please?


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Afternoon! I've just purchased myself a cherokee XJ 4.0 1995. And im currently looking for some decent tires to fit on my 15 inch rims. Probably along with a 3 inch lift and some 30mm spacers. It's a weekend toy so not looking to spend mega money just some half decent stuff  :great:


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Hi and welcome!


I have used BF Goodrich AT KO2 tyres on my 1996 XJ and they'll be going on my 1997 XJ when the current ones (Yokohama Geolander) wear out. Reasons for choice are:

1. Not overly expensive

2. Long life

3. All season

4. Good on the wet and wintry roads (B-rated wet grip)

5. Good off road, although not as good as MTs (which are not as good on road)

6. (You can get sexy white lettering)


The Geolanders are very good for 75% on road, especially in wet slippy winters, but they are expensive and directional.

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im currently looking for some decent tires to fit on my 15 inch rims.

From the photo it looks like you already have some decent tyres on it. General Grabber All Terrains are good tyres for the money. They are not triple ply sidewall as are the best off road radials but they have a fantastic tread pattern for wet roads, they don't aquaplane easily or suffer for puddle impact drag. Offroad for traction they are as good as any AT. Any radial tyre with less than 3-ply sidewalls is going to be vulnerable to sidewall punctures off road but there really is no need to replace them if you are just starting out. Are your tyres 235/75R15 or 30x9.50R15 if so, these are fine for standard gearing.


Probably along with a 3 inch lift and some 30mm spacers. It's a weekend toy so not looking to spend mega money just some half decent stuff

Before buying loads of bits to start modifying it you could try doing some freebie basics to make it much better off road.


1. Remove the cosmetic crud that's just going to get mashed up and make you mad with the body damage they have caused. Remove the side steps, they will bend upwards and crunch your sills (rocker panels). Remove the bull bar, these crunch upward, inward and downwards braking indicators and housings, denting bumpers and sometimes making it impossible to change a headlight bulb.


2. Remove the rear anti-roll bar and brackets to improve rear axle articulation. Don't throw it away just yet you may want to put it back on later if you do more street miles.


If you are not going over 3" lift, for your first modification purchases I recommend buying a set of JKS Quicker Disconnects for the front anti-roll bar (sway bar) to use with a 2" budget boost kit.

Always disconnect them when you go off road otherwise your axle brackets will bend or break, don't be lazy! With the front axle disconnected and good driving techniques you can get round a lot of Tuff Terrains, I have done it myself in a near-stocker.



Your second mod should be a 2" spacer lift with either Add-A-Leafs or extended shackles/shackle relocation brackets. Some spacer lifts come with lift blocks for the leaf springs but as the XJ is already spring-over-axle (SOA) fitting these will kill the curvature in your springs in next to no time. Much better to use longer shackles with relocation brackets.





Drive it around like that for a year or so and save your money for going to a bigger lift with tyres and gearing, 4.5" lift, 33" tyres, 4.56 gears and lockers.


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